Monday, September 19, 2011

Alfred Julius: The Journey

Hello my family,

    It’s been far too long, but I’ve been busy... really busy actually. I made a very smart move and finally have a very creative graphic artist, who has the same vision I have for the brand. One can’t do it ALL by themselves and I have learned that. So my “main man”, Jeremy Paten is welcomed whole heartedly. Also a tighter logo will be posted... like next post! LOL.  I have also continued to work on being comfortable during the networking moments. These are things as a business man and designer that you will be faced on “The Journey”.
   I have also become stronger in business. There are many levels that I’m facing in just trying to get something as simple, yet classic as a bowtie. Taking quotas and finding the best bet for your money is smart thing to do. I took a lead on a manufacture of Dye’s (cut pattern, typically made of metal) in NYC and doing this actually saved me $350. That’s not millions of dollars, but when working independent, its a bundle.
    These little things are what making my journey a little more enjoyable. Keeping the humble spirit alive and asking for help when needed and listening to advice when given. I feel as a team, Alfred Julius is only getting smarter and stronger. The vision is clear. Alfred Julius, for the masculine gentlemen.

May the day bring you joy,

Chike Atu, founder and head designer

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