Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alfred Julius: 100 Years of Kappa

   The idea to release a limited edition bowtie for the historically recognized fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, was originally brought to my attention by my business team. Although I don’t belong to any fraternity, my business Alfred Julius team does consist of men from Kappa background. I am also aware of the appreciation the Kappa fraternity has for bowties, so it was a natural fit.
      From there I began swatching and deciding what fabric best represents Alfred Julius and Kappa at the same time.  Using classic seersucker cotton with the color way of Crismon and White, it really represented my Southern roots as well showing homage to the men of Kappa. It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to have my work on display in Indiana this past week for the Kappa Alpha Psi, 100 year Konklave. It is actually also my first national debut outside of this web space, so I’m nervous and excited to see what the feedback will be from the team in our next conference call.
      While I’m still working on finding a manufacture that meets my requirements, I actually made all bowties by hand with love and care. That ’s 14 limited edition cotton gingham seersucker bowties for the great men of Kappa, and 4 pigskin leather/suede bowties for my Alfred Julius team. It wasn’t easy, this is the most I’ve ever made at one time, but I’m very proud of the results. Hope you enjoy!

May the day bring you joy,

Chike Atu, founder and head designer

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