Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alfred Julius: Priorities

   I received today, what will be one of the most important purchases for the Alfred Julius brand. That is the custom Die shape for my bowtie design. It might look like just some metal, wood, and screws, but for me its the beginning of my dreams coming into fruition. The distinct shape and size of an Alfred Julius Bowtie is something we pride ourselves on. We continue to push the limits of design and fabric selection everyday.  I’m thankful to have this part of the manufacturing portion of my brand complete. Next month... we begin the process of getting e-commerce website! Times are exciting and moving, come with us on the journey.

Hope the day brings you joy,

Chike, founder and head designer

DIE  (d)
n. pl. dies or dice (ds)
1. pl. dies A device used for cutting out, forming, or stamping material, especially.

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