Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alfred Julius: Aloe Blacc (update)

    I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Aloe Blacc is currently one of my favorite artist in music. Well this past evening I had the honor of finally seeing him live! I was not disappointed. He truly put on a great show of his album “Good Things” with a couple surprises. It was him and his band... a very, very TIGHT BAND!

    With that said, I was also on a mission. I brought with me a custom piece I made specifically for him.... In “Blacc Leather” of course. He was very humble and appreciative man. It was a short chat, but the energy was positive. No pics, wanted to keep it professional in our initial encounter. I have attached some snaps from the night as well the piece I presented him with.

May the day bring you joy,

Chike Atu, founder and head designer

 Apparently Aloe Blacc already got the Bow-Tie Memo

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