Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alfred Julius: Tiffany & co.

      I have always been inspired all things luxury through out my life. What defined what “Luxury” actually was has changed over the years. From environment, education, and experience, my taste has changed. One company that remained true to me over basically a lifetime is the brand, Tiffany & co. I have attached an open letter to Tiffany’s Creative Directors, John Truex and Richard Lambertson.  I sent with hope that they would receive it one day. (The email I sent bounced back like a basketball)

~ Mr. Truex and Mr. Lambertson,
     My name is Chike’ Atu, founder and designer of Alfred Julius, a men’s accessories line specializing in traditional bow ties made of luxury and unique fabrications such as leathers, fine wools, woven silks, velvets and classic silk fabrications.
     While working on designs and brainstorming, I decided a dream collaboration for my company would be with a brand that isn't a Men's Clothing company. This led me to Tiffany's, a brand that has space to possibly expand their accessories reach in the Men's design field. With that in mind, I created a sample bow tie. It is a perforated lambskin leather bow tie in the classic Tiffany's blue. The distinctive shape and snap closure that will be associated with original Alfred Julius pieces is part of the design. I have attached an inspiration design page with a close up of the completed sample.
     Any and all feedback is welcomed and requested. If this is something you might be interested in discussing further, I can be reached via email at or phone call ___________.

May the day bring you joy,

Chike Atu, ceo and head designer ~

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