Thursday, May 12, 2011

Alfred Julius: Chike Atu, Founder

     Chike Atu - was born in Little Rock, Arkansas raised in the presence of strong men, that showed what chivalry and hard work can lead to success. Chike was later nurtured in the great city of Memphis, TN as he pursued a career in the fine arts while attending, private art college, Memphis college of Art. While attending the local school, his appreciation for Menswear was strengthen through guidance from professors and local business men. All of which encouraged him to continue to pursue his dream of menswear design in NYC. As a vessel to the city, Chike  attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, concentrating in Menswear. While attending school, his knowledge and network continued to grow. Naturally, internships and freelance positions opportunities became available for him to work and learn. Currently, Chike' Atu is growing in Brooklyn, NY. He is using the brand, Alfred Julius,  as a vessel to get out his dream of quality, unique, and luxurious accessories for the forward thinking man.

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