Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alfred Julius: Why?

      The beginning of this vision truthfully started many moons ago. The base comes from my love of Men's fashion. While attending the art school, Memphis College of Art, I begin to learn how to use the sewing machine. This lead to me doing a project based around neckwear at the work place and how redundant it had become. Solids, Stripes, or a company monogram were and always will be the norm and most excepted in the work place. Being an Artist, I wanted to dig deeper and see where this could go. It lead me to making neckties being made from unique compositions, from paper, oxford cotton, denim, pattern paper, vintage rock n roll tees, etc. In critique I received great reviews and encouragement to continue to push the limits. I stepped away from making neckwear for some years, while attending FIT, but it always stuck in the back of my mind what was missing in the industry of Men's Accessories. Also with time I also gained more experience and knowledge of Menswear and design.
     About 9 months ago, I started patternmaking and tweaking the layout for bowties little by little again. Once I found the true shape that I like and the best technique when it came to sewing them, my goals were laid out. I wanted my own accessories line. Name? no clue. Logo? not a damn, but I knew this was the lane that I could conquer and strive in. I procrastinated for long enough and decided to start working towards this goal in November. Around this same time came the passing of my distinguished and highly beloved grandfather, Alfred Julius King, Jr. A man of great measure and someone I have admired my whole life. With finance low, for the going home ceremony being held back home in Arkansas, my siblings decided the best way to travel would be by driving from DC. I was against at first, but I now feel this decision has been something that only made our bound closer and stronger. Although I didn’t help drive... lol. I enjoyed the stories, songs and jokes shared through out. It was truly inspirational. While on the road I  began the logo design and decided to name it in my Grandfathers honor while riding in that seven passenger van. It’s also a blessing that I later found out that my other late Grandfather shared the name, Alfred, with him as well. So the dedication is split between two great men.
    As I continue to push the limits of design and fabrication, I will forever keep those two men in mind and always respect my craft as a designer and remain a leader of tomorrow. Thank you, Alfred Julius King, Jr. and Willis Alfred Walker, your Grandson will make you proud.

Hope the day brings you joy,

Chike Atu , founder and head designer

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